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Kelby was a member of the University of North Dakota football team from 1998-2002. During his collegiate career, he quarterbacked the 2001 National Championship season in which Markus Bryant left a lasting impression. He founded Holiday Magic From Markus to leave a legacy of Markus’s spirit as well as give the UND athletes an opportunity to give back to the community and those less fortunate. “Markus created such an impact on us that we knew we had to continue to share his spirit with others. He was extremely selfless and courageous and touched the hearts of all those he interacted with. I personally drew strength from him and I know that the 2001 and 2002 football team did as well. A favorite memory of mine is being on the podium with Markus accepting the National Championship Trophy in 2001. At that moment I gained a new perspective and appreciation for life. I feel so blessed to have been touched by Markus and I want others to share the same amazing opportunity.”.

CHRIS BEATTY (Vice President)

Chris was a member of the University of North Dakota football team from 2001-2006. While at UND Chris was very fortunate to be apart of the 2001 National Championship team. It was in the first 18 months of Chris' career where he had the pleasure in which he was introduced to Markus  Bryant. Markus shaped Chris' career and will always have a special place in his heart. "Markus showed me what real courage was" he said "Its hard to have a bad day when you meet someone like Markus who battled the odds and kept up a miraculous spirt through it all".

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